Car Collision Prevention

Additional Parts for Mechanical Part of the Crash Prevention Project

The final set of parts for the crash prevention project have arrived. These parts deal more with the mechanical side of things and we’ll use them near the last phase of our project where we have to trigger a brake leaver to stop the car.

12V DC Motor High Torque 35 RPM

This high torque motor is the part we are going to be use to pull down the brake pedal to stop the car when it is about to collide with an object in front of it. This motor can also go in reverse, which is going to be helpful when the driver wants to deactivate the activated prevention by clicking a button which would then release the pushed down brake leaver. We have to make sure that the driver is either pressing on the brake themselves before deactivating so that the car won’t accelerate without their intent.

150 Pack of Transistors

This 150 pack of random transistors has some transistors that we will need later on in the project that also deal with activating the motor. We might use some of these transistors late in the project and will note when we do.