Car Collision Prevention

Car Collision Prevention Project – Switching to an Ultrasonic Sensor from Stereo Vision

After calibrating and validating the results of a rectified stereo pair, I found that the Raspberry Pi’s performance isn’t capable of running the script effectively. Running the rectification script on a very small image along with the StereoBM function was taking around 3 seconds to process each frame. This obviously wasn’t ideal since we couldn’t use a computer to do the calculation as it had to portable, so I decided to switch over to using an Arduino with an ultrasonic sensor.

With the Arduino and ultrasonic sensor, we hope to get more realtime results and will be able to easily model the our setup on a small RC car. I have a small prototype working in place however I haven’t yet integrated it with a RC car. In addition, I am going to check what is the maximum frequency we can pull updates from the ultrasonic sensor. That would ideally depend on the period of the pulse and also a trigger pulse, if one is required for the specific sensor we are using.