Planning Cards – an iOS and a WatchKit App

A few months ago I launched Planning Cards, an app designed to help Agile teams during their backlog refinement sessions. The app is very simple. The premise of the app is that users select a card and tap again to reveal the value to their team. Software engineers working in Agile teams do this very frequently to assign chunks of work value based on development effort. Teams usually use tools such as physical cards which can be limiting, especially if your team isn’t using a standardized point-system or if you forget to bring your card deck to the meeting. I’ve personally used some apps for this purpose but sometimes wanted to use my Apple Watch without having to bring my phone to the meeting. I also wanted custom card decks. Therefore, I decided to develop Planning Cards.

This post is going to be a broad overview of the application. To best understand how the application works feel free to look at the source code, which is available here.